Power Washing


We provide a render cleaning service that will remove all algae and moss staining from your walls. Algae and moss deposits on your wall retain moisture, in the worst case this could lead to damp patches forming on your house walls. If left unchecked for a period of time, this can result in serious and expensive repairs to your home. You often can see red stains bleeding through your concrete pebbledash and walls. This occurs very often on concrete build houses in Ireland. It can cause unsightly stains as well. Let us help you by calling us out now. We can remove all the staining and restore your exterior wall to its former glory.


Does your patio area look dirty? Is there moss growing on the slabs or paving? We at Pristine Wash are able to remove all of that for you. We can carefully clean the entire patio removing all the moss and dirt. If the patio is made up of slabs, we can re-point the slabs after we have cleaned the patio. This will really knock the years off your patio and bring it back to its best.



We are fully equipped to handle wooden decking areas. Decking can be troublesome because of the slime algae that can grow on it. It can become very slippy to walk and it can develop different types of algae which can cause green, orange or dark grey staining on your decking. We can remove all of this for you. We can seal your decking afterwards as well.



Roofs are a major priority for any household in Ireland. They can build up a lot of moss over the years. This can lead to poor water flow. Guttering becoming blocked and water stagnating on your roof. This is outside the awful visual of a moss stained roof. At Pristine Wash we have the equipment to completely clean your roof. We can remove all the staining and make sure all the roof guttering is working exactly as its meant to be. If your looking at really improving things, ask us about our roof painting. We have specially designed roof paint which can be applied to many different styles of slates. The paint comes in a wide variety of colour and can make it look like you have had a new roof installed on your house. It really is that good. Call us now for a free inspection!