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Like most things tarmac needs maintenance and tarmac on your driveway is no exception. If you don’t use a tarmac sealer to help protect and preserve the tarmac on your driveway, you will eventually end up having to replace it, a costly exercise that could be avoided with the simple application of tarmac sealer.

A tarmac sealer or sometimes called tarmac paint is a water-based emulsion with an asphalt base that is combined with fillers and additives to provide flexibility and strength. Tarmac sealers act as a shield for your driveway to help prevent water penetration, damage from the sun, frost damage and chemical corrosion.

Tarmac is made of a mixture of stone aggregate and a liquid binder. The sealing binder acts like a glue with the aggregate and allows the hardened result to set to the contours of the surface it is being applied to.

Pristine Clean have the equipment and experience to professional seal your tarmac or asphalt driveway. We can offer you a low cost price on all your tarmac sealing needs. Call us now to get a free consultation. Open 7 days a week!




Roof sealing or roof painting as its commonly known can be of huge benefit to any household. Tiles can erode in colour as time progresses. It can really impact the overall visual of your house when your house has discoloured and aged tiles on the roof. With roof sealing / roof painting, you can fix that without getting new tiles. There is multiple colour choices available and it can be applied to nearly all style of roofs. It is a low cost option when you compare it with the alternative of replacing your tiles completely. Call us now for a free consultation!





Is your old driveway looking worn? Is the colour faded completely on your driveway? If it is, give us a call. We can completely clean off your old paving. Use a new kiln dried sand once we have it left completely clean and then we can seal it. Sealing it is like adding a layer on top of the paving. It glosses over and functions nearly like a varnish. It will protect the paving from moss growth and weed growth. It can restore colour back to the paving as well. Call us now for a quote on your driveway restoration needs! Call OFFICE: 0906400134 MOBILE: 089 2539800. Alternatively use the contact page to request a free call back!