Driveway Cleaning

Here at Celtic Clean and Seal, we provide a range of driveway and patio restoration services for customers looking to repair / restore their driveway. Why replace your driveway for a significant amount of money when it can be restored at a fraction of the cost.

Our team provides a range of driveway cleaning services which includes power washing driveways, removing grime, dirt, moss and algae off your driveway. For standard block paved driveways, we will employ a hard washing system which will allow us to completely strip off the old dirt and stains from the driveway. This system uses a two tier system with the first being our Eco friendly washing solution which will destroy any algae and we will follow this up with power washing.

Once the block paved driveway is clean and dried off, we will apply new kiln dried sand to joint back up the block paving. If their is sunken sections of your paving, we will lift and relay them at this stage setting them to the correct levels and putting in new foundation if its required. You can choose to seal your block paving to help restore its colour and protect against further damage.

For tarmac driveways, we generally use a soft washing system to ensure we do not damage the tarmac during the restoration system. Once the tarmac has been completely washed down, we recommend having a tarmac sealer applied to the driveway which you can learn about by going here.

If during the quote, we feel we cannot restore the driveway to a satisfactory condition, we will always inform you. We believe there is no job worth doing unless its worth doing right.