Ridge Tile Repairs

Not only do Celtic Clean and Seal carry out restoration services to your roof, we can also carry out small roof repairs. These repairs include re-seating or replacing old ridge tiles on your roof. Ridge tiles perform an important duty on your roof. Not only should they be sitting tight, they need to be waterproof. If water is getting into the ridge tiles, it can lead to long term damage to your roof.

We provide options on putting in new ridge tiles with either a wet cement or heavy duty bonding agent. This will depend on the existing type of roof tile on your roof. With standard slate tiles, we recommend using a cement mix as it will not cause any damage to the slate and will bond superbly with it. With manufactured tiles, we recommend using a bonding agent with the ridge tiles as a cement bed will not be a long term solution for it.

If you would like someone to inspect your ridge tiles, call Celtic Clean and Seal today. Free estimates, unbeatable prices.