Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

We know and understand how important it is to keep a clean roof, allowing your roof to drain rain water safely away and down through your guttering system. We can carry out a conditioning check on your roof and replace any damaged tiles at the same time if required. Power washing roofs, soft washing, algae removal, gutter cleaning, moss removal.

Roof Washing Services

If your roof is starting to get overgrown by algae or moss, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned down. If you do not clean your roof, the moss will continue to slide and block up your entire guttering system. It can lead to long term damage to roofing underlays because of the damp.

For a small fee, you can hire the Celtic Clean team to perform a roof cleaning service on your roof that will remove all the grime, algae and moss. We can wash down your roof either using a hard system such as a power washing the roof or using a soft wash system which is done with brushes and light hosing. This process will depend completely on the type of roofing you have as in a natural tiled roof vs some types of manufactured tiling.

An extra feature we recommend to customers is to have the roof sealed and painted after the washing to help restore any of its lost colour. You can read more about roof painting here or you can call us to discuss your roof.