Tarmac Sealing and Restoration

If your tarmac is starting to look worn down and dirty, why not have it restored by a professional with tarmac sealing? Our skilled team can wash down your tarmacadam driveway, cleaning it off whilst ensuring no more damage is done to it. We can kill off all the algae and moss build up on your tarmac driveway using our tarmac treatment solution which guarantees to leave your driveway 100% clean.

Once it is cleaned off and dried, we can proceed with using a tarmac sealer which will restore the colour and create impregnate the tarmac to prevent further damage. The result is a long term and durable tarmac finish which has been restored back to a jet black finish. We always do a minimum of 2 coats to ensure we re bonded the chip aggregate and to ensure no further raveling occurs to your tarmac driveway.

Why replace your old tarmac driveway when for a fraction of the cost, you can have it restored by Celtic Clean and Seal. Free quotes, unbeatable prices.